Angel Aura Quartz | 3
Angel Aura Quartz | 3
Angel Aura Quartz | 3
Angel Aura Quartz | 3

Angel Aura Quartz | 3

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Chain style
4cm chain extender
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Angel Aura Quartz are Clear Quartz treated with a combination of extremely high heat and vaporized precious metals to create their rainbow coating. Aura Quartz are a visual reminder of the magic that comes from keeping a sense of child-like playfulness and open-minded curiosity. This crystal will remind you to be yourself and not take life too seriously. It's a good crystal for introverts who don't express themselves enough.
Chakra: Throat
Common locations: USA, Brazil


18k gold-filled | Tarnish-resistant
Avoid contact with salt water, chlorine, cleaning products, sanitizer, and soap.

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I found Overseas on Instagram and fell in love! I messaged her, and she was so helpful in showing each ring and it’s uniqueness so I could pick out the perfect one for me! I couldn’t choose and ended up getting a couple for me and more for my friends. All of her jewelry is so beautiful and great quality! I love my rings so much and have not found any other jewelry like it! Overseas is hands down my favorite.

Paige Cook
Seattle, Washington, USA

I recently ordered a black tourmaline necklace and it just got here yesterday and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much, I've wanted one forever and I love this one. As soon as I took it out of its bag it started swinging in a yes, it's beautiful. Can't wait to order more stuff!

Zaabelle Singh
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I received the rings and they are absolutely beautiful! Going to order more soon!

Glenda Novellan
Auburn, Georgia, USA

Building a full on collection and I love them!

Mia Jhite
Hendon, UK

I have tons of compliments with her jewelry :)

Alice Blet
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I just received my ring that my bf got me<3 Sooo beautiful! I'll be reaching out in the near future!

Ayako Naruke
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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